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Rates & Prices

Rates & prices Property decorator

We can price the work to be undertaken in 4 ways,

1. On an hourly rate (upon request)

2. A day rate, working on an 8 hour day basis.

3. The entire job (most popular)

4. From bill of quantities (per square metre) and drawings.

The initial consultation with the customer and fully comprehensive quotation are free of charge. We do not make any alterations to the quotation charges once this has been prepared, unless instructions about the work alter before or during we commence. Any changes in price will be agreed and notified orally, or in writing if required.

Payment of the final bill is due once work has been completed. Please note that no payments are needed before this point, unless the work is extensive and spans several weeks, and on these occasions we may ask for instalments, but this would be agreed in advance of the work commencing.

After the colour has been chosen, the paint is purchased by us from a trade outlet which means we can pass on any savings we receive directly to you. In addition to this, a reputable brand, i.e., Dulux, Crown etc can be purchased cheaper than in DIY stores. However, should you wish us to complete the work with materials purchased already, we’re happy to carry out this type of work on a labour only basis.

Rates & prices Property decorator

Guaranteed quote – chances are, you’ll find our quote to be more than competitive. What’s certain is that it won’t change, what we quote is what you’ll pay, so there are no hidden extras.

Punctual – we’ll arrive on time and work for as long as it takes to get the job done. If necessary, subject to your agreement, evenings and weekends too.

Flexible – no job too big or small, and we work around your needs.

Quality materials – all paints and other decorators’ and builders’ materials are of high quality.

Rates & prices Property decorator